Traditional beer brewing

For perfect beer

The art and craft of brewing has a very long tradition in the beer town of Kulmbach. Even today, it's still traditional recipes and experiences that give our many different speciality beers their unique flavour and inspire our master brewers to brew our Mönchshof beers every day with dedication, still following the Bavarian purity law.

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Learn all about the traditional craft of brewing – from selecting the finest ingredients through the first steps in the brewing process to the freshly bottled and newly labelled swing-top bottle!
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Swing-top bottle

Enjoy beer with all your senses! The nostalgic swing-top bottle and its legendary popping sound are simply part of the Mönchshof beer experience! But what's the significance of this handcrafted top?

Beer brewing step-by-step

It starts with malt: Would you like to find out what the brewing process at Mönchshof looks like? Then come with us for a look behind the scenes and become a genuine Mönchshof specialist!

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Purity law & flavour

Malt, water, hops, yeast: Our Mönchshof speciality beers are exclusively brewed in accordance with the Bavarian purity law. With a variety of recipes and our master brewers’ passion for skilled beer brewing, these four ingredients can be used to create a virtually inexhaustible variety of beers and flavours.
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Regional, high-quality, sustainable – ingredients for our Mönchshof speciality beers must satisfy our extremely high standards and requirements. And you can taste it!