About Us

For more than 600 years, Mönchshof has been synonymous with craftsmanship, tradition and original enjoyment. With its roots in the beer town of Kulmbach, Franconia, on the former estates of the Cistercian monastery of Langheim, Mönchshof combines time-honoured brewing recipes with a passion for innovative techniques. But what else is behind Mönchshof speciality beers in the swing-top bottle? How did our beer brand begin? What awards have our brewing specialities won over the years? And what's new in the world of Mönchshof? Find out all this and more here!


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The Mönchshof Brand

Have you ever wondered what makes our Mönchshof speciality beers and where they come from? Find out more about our special brand with the swing top here!
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From the foundation of the monastery in Kulmbach to the latest beer award - learn about our more than 600-year history now and discover our milestones!
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We couldn’t be prouder of our award-winning speciality beers. See what awards we have won for Mönchshof!
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