Mönchshof Videos

Would you like to find out more about beer and brewing? Then you've come to the right place: Below you'll find a variety of fascinating videos that give you an insight into a wide range of topics all about beer. So, grab yourself an ice cold Mönchshof and press play!

Happy viewing! Prost!

Mönchshof | Natur Radler – with natural lemon juice

Our naturally cloudy Radler specialty, whose refreshing taste comes from the natural juice of the lemon!

Mönchshof | Genuine brewing specialties

Full-bodied in taste and finely refined, our beers are guaranteed to be delicious and refreshing.

Mönchshof | Pouring properly

This is how you pour our genuine Brewing specialties.

Mönchshof | Natur Radler 0,0 Alcohol-free

Our image film for our refreshing non-alcoholic Natur Radler.

Mönchshof | Natur Radler

The image film for our refreshing and sparkling Mönchshof Natur Radler.

Mönchshof | Hell – Particularly mild

Our image film about our particularly mild Mönchshof Hell.

Mönchshof and Slackliner Moritz Hamberger


Mönchshof | Sandpainting