The Mönchshof Code of Conduct

For a responsible approach to beer

Our commitment

Beer is a widely consumed foodstuff and an indispensable part of our culture. We are convinced that the vast majority of the population consumes beer responsibly as an alcoholic beverage. That is why we oppose a blanket demonization of beer as a beverage.

We advocate a responsible approach to beer and are committed to combating alcohol abuse with targeted measures. The following principles guide our actions. In addition, we are committed to ensuring that our partners in the retail and food service sectors also follow these principles.

Our principles

1. We stand for conscious beer enjoyment.

We promote the responsible use of beer and educate consumers about the basics of conscious beer consumption.

2. We fight against alcohol abuse.

We are actively involved in the fight against alcohol abuse by promoting prevention and education. In doing so, we are open to partnerships with relevant social groups as well as government agencies

3. We oppose alcohol on the road.

We call for abstaining from alcohol when participating in road traffic.

4. We are committed to the protection of minors.

We support our distribution partners in the retail and catering sectors in complying with the applicable youth protection regulations, particularly with regard to enforcing the age limit of 16 years for the sale of beer.

5. We are opponents of so-called flat rate parties.

Flat-rate parties do not go well with conscious beer consumption. We stand up against such offers.

6. We advertise responsibly.

We do not target our beer advertising to young people. We do not use advertising messages that primarily appeal to young people and do not use media that are primarily aimed at young people. In our advertising and all other forms of brand communication directed at consumers, we follow the rules of conduct of the German Advertising Council on commercial communication for alcoholic beverages.

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