The MasterBrewery on tour

Experience the art of brewing first hand - and brew your own beer in our mobile master brewery.

Our small-scale brewery equipped with a twin brewing facility can be encountered on its travels throughout Germany. It allows you to experience for yourself how the raw ingredients of water, malt, hops and yeast are added to a hand-forged copper kettle to produce genuine special brews.

  • Malz in der Schrotmühle in der BrauMeisterei on tour

    Dried barley malt is the basis of every beer. In order to ensure the greatest possible separation of the contents of the malt in the must, the cereal has to be crushed. This is still done by hand in the master brewery on tour!

  • Malz in der Schrotmühle

    Crushing over? Smell the aroma and appreciate the colour of the barley malt, the foundation of every good special brew.

  • Das Sudwerk in der BrauMeisterei on tour

    The heart of the Mönchshof master brewery – whether large or small - is the brewing house. The two shiny copper kettles turn the entire brewing process into a visual delight.

  • Das Sudwerk der BrauMeisterei on tour

    One look at the hot wort is revealing: Is the must strong enough? The master brewer makes sure by applying the iodine test to verify if all the starch has been separated from the malt in the must.

  • Hopfen in Dolden und Pellets in der BrauMeisterei on tour

    Once the must is ready, all the starch separated and the wort freed from the remains of the malt, the soul of the beer goes into the kettle: The hops give the beer its bitter taste, aroma and prevent it from going bad.

  • Hopfen in Dolden und Pellets

    The master brewer continually checks the cooking wort in the brewing kettle. Perhaps it's already time to to cool it down?

  • Anbügeln des Bügelverschlusses per Hand

    Real beer brewing is done manually - at Mönchshof even the bottles are sealed by hand. At the master brewery on tour you can even fit the swingtop to your bottle to take home and then draw a fine beer.

  • Abfüllen von Hand in der BrauMeisterei on tour

    Every beer needs a certain fermenting, resting and storage time. As this exceeds the time that the master brewery on tour can spend at any one location, each individual brew from the master brewery on tour is stored and matures in our own dedicated area at the master brewery in Kulmbach.
    However, you can still fill the bottles on site - how about our popular "kellerbier"!